Spring Clamp Gland Technology

New Technology with Spring Clamp' 
braided cable glands:

spring clamp diagram annotated

1. Plastic parts – The body of the gland is a special variant of Nylon 66 which has a similar strength to aluminium, the upper temperature tolerance is 200oC constant. 

This hybrid variant is some 30% stronger than standard Nylon 66.

The material is also UV resistant.

2. Metal parts – Electroless Nickel plated brass, this is the optimum solution for braided cables. The metal part reverse fit into the plastic part as standard

3. Braid trap – The anchorage mechanism is via reverse folding of the braid over a profiled spout and anchored with a twin wire torsion spring to give good retention, excellent 360o grounding of braid (very important for CY cables) and easy to fit (<10 seconds).

4. Multi shield termination – for double braids, individual twisted pair braids, foil wrap or any combination the solution to retention and grounding is to use a Pro-term Braid sock kit (PT-BSK-*).
The braid sock simply anchors to the profiled spout at one end and then ‘tie wrapped’ down onto the exposed braid(s) and or foil as the cable passes through the panel. This mechanism allows for braids etc to be grounded without being terminated at the

5. Automatic grounding system – The anchor nut has steel teeth so that it bites past painted surfaces during the rotation of the anchor mechanism. On painted surfaces we advocate tightening and loosening a quarter turn several times to be sure of good grounding (this should take about 5 seconds) The installation engineer must satisfy himself that the Armour/panel continuity is achieved.

Note: we do not advocate the use of armouring as the power safety earth without proper consideration by the installation engineer. 

Fit armoured cable over cone and fit clamp housing and then tighten clamp housing for armour anchorage.


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