Spring Clamp Gland Overview

'Spring Clamp' cable glands for braided cables:

sc diagram

• SY - steel braided armour cables

• CY - copper braided cables

• Individual braided pairs

• Foil wrap cables

The technology for this termination is from the Aerospace industry where performance is critical and where only 360o terminations are good enough.

Our experience tell us that metallic cable braids (especially SY braid) are unruly and difficult to fit into a cone trap, thus, the design brief was simple:

• Easy to fit

• 360° grounding

The nickel plated brass body is multi functional as it anchors the gland to the panel and also affords electrical continuity to the panel face via the Automatic Grounding System (AGS) The versatility of this system allows for a braid sock to be fitted onto the spout and then tie wrap clamped onto the exposed cable braids and/or foil wrap. (see technology page) The main body of the ‘Spring-clamp’ system is plastic Nylon 66, this gives great advantage.

The Pro-term 'Spring-clamp' cable gland has the following advantages:

• Indoor and outdoor use as standard (IP68)

Quick-fit, <30 seconds

• No loose parts

• Will ground all braid/foil combinations

• Excellent braid retention, as strong as the braid itself

• The cable gland has extreme resistance to corrosion

• The fitting is anchored by the 'incisor' AGS which bites through painted surfaces for automatic braiding to panel continuity

• Installtion torque drag minimised by plastic spinner on bung surface

• Will maintain double insulated status