Spring Clamp Gland Installation

Spring-clamp installation

The Spring-clamp range is designed to ground and retain all types of braided cables in particular SY and CY cables.

The Spring-clamp cable gland has a waterproof plastic outer and  the core of the fitting is Electroless Nickel plated aerospace grade aluminium.

The grounding and anchorage is via a twin torsion spring.

The Automatic Grounding System (AGS) is achieved via hardened teeth on the conductive body interface.


Tighten and loosen quarter turn several times until the paint isremoved, note the paint chippings.


Prepare cable with about 15~20mm of flared braid.
Press exposed braid back over grounding profile and open thespring arrangement using grips or pliers.


Finished termination


compact waterproof plastic outer gland.


The milliohm test meter reads 7 milliohm DC resistance continuity to the earth bar from the braid.