Bite Cable Gland Overview

The Pro-term ‘BITE’ SWA cable gland

The all new Pro-term ‘BITE gland has many new and innovative features, these ‘patent pending’ features make 
teel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable termination easier and safer.

The unique features are:

a) An all plastic outer body, this super tough Nylon  66 plastic body is the mechanical driver to the  incisor ring (armour trap)

b) This new gland uses a special twin ridge annular  incisor ring to trap and incise the SWA armour to  the metal cone, retention is very high as the  incisor ring bites into the armour.

c) The ‘clip in’ incisor ring is ‘free spinning’ against  the plastic driver. 

d) Metal cone is at the core of the cable gland and  has the integral male thread for panel mount  anchorage.

e) Both the cone body and the incisor ring have retention mechanisms so that they are retained by the plastic parts.

f)  The anchorage lock nut has face teeth so that during the rotation of the nut during installation bites past painted finishes, this is an automatic grounding system (AGS)

g)  The bite 20S (10-16mm cable diameter) utilises a reverse fitting of the panel anchorage (male cone and anchor) so as to have an absolute minimum intrusion into the panel/product/box. The intrusion is a mere 6mm inside the panel.

The technology of the Pro-term BITE gland produces the following advantages:

• Automatic Grounding System (AGS) via special    incisor   anchorage nut.

• No loose parts, captive components.

• Indoor or outdoor use as standard IP68
   (fully waterproof to submersible standard)

• No electric shock from the fitting, double 
   insulated status is maintained.

• The free spinning armour trap incisor ring 
   prevent sthe distortion of the armour wires under whilst    rotary compression.

• This cable gland does not suffer metal corrosion    problems to the outside atmosphere.