Bite Cable Gland Installation

Installation guide for the BITE cable range.

The Pro-term BITE cable termination gland has a tough plastic outer and metal core parts and incorporates a guaranteed earth path for the steel wire armouring.

The Pro-term Automatic Grounding System (AGS) is designed 
as a positive method of Steel wire and braided armour cable continuity.

The purpose of the AGS is to BITE past painted enclosure/ panel/product surfaces so as to access the metal structures which are assumed to be safety earth bonded or in the case of EMC assumed to be a part of the faraday cage.

bite 3

Fully tighten the grounding anchor nut and loosen quarter turn, repeat this several times until satisfied that the paint is removed.


Typical continuity ring cut into panel surface, note paint
chippings which have been removed.

Contact area:
A standard 20mm AGS nut has 95 linear mm of contact area.

Assuming a 1mm wide contact area the interface is 95mm2 The ‘valleys’ of the teeth reduce the contact area by up to 50%, thus, the contact area can be taken to be c48mm2

Some small metal boxes do not have absolutely flat surfaces and so in extreme cases the contact area may be reduced by a further 50% making the contact area 24mm2.

bite 4

Fit armoured cable over cone and fit clamp housing and then tighten clamp housing for armour anchorage.


Check for electrical continuity (if required) EN50262 stipulates DC resistance to be less than 0.1 ohm (100 milliohm). 

The actual reading on this termination is 8 milliohm including resistance across:

1. Armour to gland     2. Gland to panel
3. Panel to earth bar   4. Earth bar to earth screw

bite 5

Fit environmental seal chamber (and tighten)

NOTE – Pro-term Ltd do not advocate the AGS to be used as the sole electrical earth safety method, that decision is the responsibility of the installation engineer.